We are your source for affordable student housing in Kirksville!

With many apartments that offer heat, water, trash , and High Speed wireless internet with onsite laundry  center for only $315.00 per month. If you are looking to save gas, save time and save money, many units are within 2 blocks from TSU campus, and 1 1/2 blocks from ATSU, and within 3 blocks of 9 restaurants , 3 banks, post office, 8 screen movie theater, and several specialty shops downtown.

We also have other apartments starting at $250.00 per month, and houses that are located close to campus and other convenient locations in Kirksville.

If you have several friends that want to live together you can get several studios together and have your own bathroom, kitchen, closet, and living room. You can be together and have your own space for less than renting one big house!

We have many pet friendly units available. NO extra pet charge!

And as always, 24/7 maintenance!

Evening or weekend showings are NOT a problem!

We have installed two solar power systems That contains 119 solar panels, rated at 35 kilowatts.
Solar panels installed on the roofs of these two buildings collect light energy from the sun, converting it into DC electricity.
 That electricity is then routed to system inverters, which convert it into the AC electricity we use daily.
From there, the electricity is used to power Property Conceptsí buildings immediately; any excess is fed back into the grid.
Property Conceptsí solar-energy systems will produce approximately 47,000 kilowatt hours of solar electricity annually.
 In doing so, they will offset approximately 73,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, annually as well.
 This is the environmental equivalent of recycling 12.4 tons of waste, versus sending it to landfill - or planting 850 tree seedlings each year, and
growing them for 10 years.*

We will be doing landscaping and building a pavilion on the site to make the area more enjoyable, we will have BBQ grills and picnic tables for you to use. Also trees and flowers will be planted to enhance the setting. Since this area is in very close proximity to many of our properties, it can be used by everyone. And it is a wireless internet hot spot! If you have any suggestions for improving the area, please let us know!


Contact Information

You can call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get the latest apartment availability. 



Postal address

116 East  Jefferson, Suite 1, Kirksville Mo. 63501


General Information: info@kirksvilleapartments.com








Last modified: 01/24/17